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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Accident → You can still have an erection once dead

This man (who was a crossdresser) was found dead at his appartment. His body was in advanced decomposition. He accidently died during the autoerotic asphyxiation activity (inhaling model glue through the gas mask). The victim's genitals were exposed. You can see here a death erection (sometimes referred to as "angel lust") which is a post-mortem erection which occurs when a male individual dies vertically or face-down with the cadaver remaining in this position. During life, the pumping of blood by the heart ensures a relatively even distribution around the blood vessels of the human body. Once this mechanism has ended, only the force of gravity acts upon the blood. As with any mass, the blood settles at the lowest point of the body and causes edema or swelling to occur; the discoloration caused by this is called lividity. If an individual dies vertically such as in a hanging, the blood will settle in the legs and pool at the feet. The pressure will be greatest as the weight of the blood pushes down. This causes the blood vessels and tissues in the feet to engorge to their greatest elastic capacity and hold the greatest volume of blood possible. This effect occurs right up the legs although to a lesser extent than the feet and is also notable at the waist. The blood which remains in the torso attempts to move to a lower position due to gravity, and as the blood in the waist (which cannot move down due to the legs being full) causes the penis, consisting of erectile tissue, to fill with blood and expand. This is the death erection. As long as the body remains in this position the effect will continue. So, you can still have an erection once dead.

Inhalants, also known as solvents, are substances that some people sniff for their mood-altering effects. Almost any solvent can be inhaled: cooking spray, gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, typewriter correction fluid, antifreeze, paints, model airplane glue, cleaning fluids, and nail polish remover. They all evaporate easily, giving off chemical fumes. To use inhalants, some people squeeze glue into a bag and breathe in the vapor. Others pour solvents onto a cloth and hold it over their faces. They can also sniff directly from a container or gas tank.
Sometimes you can tell solvent users by their smell and appearance. They may have an unpleasant odor on their breath and clothes, and increased saliva (drooling and spitting). They may have glue on their hands and clothes, facial rashes, chronic nosebleeds, nose and mouth sores, throat or ear infections, poor appetites, and low energy. Solvents are inhaled through the lungs and into the bloodstream. The effects are felt very quickly and users soon look and feel as if they are drunk. A brief high is followed by a period of drowsiness that can last for one to two hours. Experienced users can remain intoxicated for longer by inhaling periodically to maintain the high. With increasing doses, inhalant users may: lose inhibitions, feel exhilarated ("high"), experience ringing in the ears, dizziness and blurred vision, become nervous, upset and disoriented, feel nauseous and throw up, have weak muscles and difficulty speaking. Solvents catch fire easily, so users risk burns. Users sometimes pass out with their head in a plastic bag, and suffocate. "Sudden sniffing death" can occur due to heart failure resulting from a severely irregular heartbeat caused by sniffing.

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